How To Become A Freelancer ?

July 24, 2018| Excellence WEB
How To Become A Freelancer ?

Becoming a freelancer is easier than you think. You do not have to think about things like staff and a spacious office. In many fields, you can also get started as a freelancer and rent out your products or services yourself. But what do you have to take into account as a freelancer? With the tips below, you make a flying start.

How do I become a freelancer?

A big advantage of starting as a freelancer is that you do not have to arrange anything in principle. Registration at your closest Chamber of Commerce is often sufficient.

The most popular legal form among freelancers is the sole proprietorship – ‘freelance’ in itself is not a recognized form of enterprise.

Once your company is registered, the Chamber of Commerce will automatically pass on your details to the Tax Authorities. If you are liable for VAT, you will then receive a VAT number from the tax authorities.

In addition, it is smart to think about how you want to work later. Are you going to work from home, on location at the client or do you opt for a flexible workplace? Do you often have to receive business clients at home? Then renting or buying a business building is a smart choice in the long run.

Finally, arrange a clear administration. Keep your business and private administration separate from the start by opening a business account and consider outsourcing it to an accountant or accountant.

How do I get clients?

As a freelancer, you must actively seek out clients. You can do this by contacting companies, participating in network meetings, prospecting (for example via cold calling) or even use online Freeelance Market places such as Shop4seo.com

Also (making) a nice business website and investing in marketing is a good way to bring your company to a large (er) target audience, while in some sectors it may be more common to register with intermediary agencies.

Charging on hourly rate

Which hourly rate is common in your industry? And how do you know whether you as an entrepreneur will not accidentally charge too much (or too little)? These are questions you should investigate more, and you should spy on your competitors.



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