manual SEO audit website ranking

manual SEO audit for website rankingThrough my site analysis you will understand all the factors that are holding you back to generate maximum volumes of targeted traffic

**How we work:**
We test your complete site parameters and after full crawling we come up with every single problem your site have.

What you get:

We provide complete SEO analysis report of your website.There are following important parameters we test and provide
detailed report

✔Your website Score
✔Title Tag and Meta Tags & description report
✔Keywords Test report
✔Friendly URL’s test report.
✔Site loading speed test
✔Google Analytic Test report
✔Code to text, Robots.txt, Sitemap & Broken links test report
✔Image Alt, Favicon, Inline CSS, Deprecated HTML Tags, Page Objects, HTML Page
Size, HTML Compression/GZIP, JS Minification tests report

✔Safe browsing, Server signature & Directory Browsing tests report
✔Nested tables, Frameset, Doctype tests report
✔Social Media Activities test report

manual SEO audit for website ranking

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