Viral YouTube SEO Service

1500 Viral YouTube SEO Embeds 500 Livestream Submissions, Back-links, Signals

Surprisingly, Increase your videos SEO authority with 1500+high PR video site embeds. Including Social Media promotion and Live-stream, profile submission embeds from over 300+ unique gTLD’s, 600+ ccTLD’s covering 900+ sub-domains with the ping! Plus get 1000 WordPress blog to embed submissions, up to 100 PR9 social signals and permanent PR9 site back-links.

With this in mind, We will share and embed your video to our audience and network of websites and blogs. Notably, You’ll get a minimum of 1500+ high PR site embeds and even more if your video is popular up to 1700 it just depends on how entertaining or appealing and engaging your video is to the audience.

As a result, the sites we embed your videos on are all made up of different sites in different niches. Accordingly, they have a mix of IP’s and locations and some are high traffic sites that are well established and maintained to smaller and or newer sites too.

Ultimately, We will create new posts on them for you and embed your YouTube video right into the post along with any text you give us to post with it as well including descriptions, images, #hashtags etc. In conclusion, the diversity of our network will provide a massive positive impact on your SEO ranking authority in the Google SERPS and YouTube itself.

Here is what you’ll get:

๏ 10+ Secret High Authority SiteEmbeds!
๏ 20+ Social Signals from PR9 Sites
๏ 100+ PR9 permanent back-links
๏ 300+ gTLD live embeds with Premiumpinging
๏ 500 Livestream profile embeds
๏ 612+ ccTLD worldwide embeds withPremium pinging
๏ 900+ Sub-domain embeds with Premiumpinging
๏ 1000 Web 2.0 self-hosted WP blogembeds

Information about these in details:

๏ The 10+Secret High Authority Embeds are hidden from public view and only revealed upon delivery.

๏ The 20 Social Signals from PR9 Sites are made up of embeds on our own Social Media and Bookmarking accounts.

๏ The 100 PR9 permanent back-links are posts we make to our own aged Google+ profiles and Google+ Communities.

๏ The 300+ gTLD are made up of com, net, info, biz, org, .mobi etc domains

๏ The 500 Live-stream profile embeds are made up of old accounts most more than a few years old.

๏ The 612+ ccTLD worldwide embeds will cover 200+ countries Internationally.

๏ The 900+ Sub-domain embeds have 407-sub-domains, 350+ of which are ranked in Google w/ 200+ countrywide sub-domains.

๏ The 1000 WP Self-hosted blog-submissions are the best of the best from our own PBN of thousands of more sites.

Some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

๏ Is this safe for my youtube video(s)?
I’ve been using these same embeds on this same network for my own and other client’s videos for the past few years or so and have only seen positive results from doing so. And all are happy with it, so Nothing to worry about!

๏ How long does it take to complete?
For just the 1 (one) video, the time is a few days usually.Sometimes in the same day but depends how many orders we have / how busy we are etc. So

๏ What do you need from me?
Just your YouTube video link at a minimum! Optionally give us a title, description, hashtags/ keywords etc. Your video is detected and auto-embedded when it’s posted. That’s all that we need from you.

๏ Do I get any report?
Yes, we provide a full report made up of several directories that contain text files that have all of your live links in them. In some cases, it may be the root URL of the site it was submitted to and you may haveto search for your video to find it. Rest assured, the report is made up of sites only where your video was embedded.

๏ Is there a guarantee or any refund policy?
I can’t guarantee anything other than to do the work that’s advertised here. And I can’t really refund you once the works had been done if I deliver on time if you don’t like it as you get what is listed here.

For any other questions please contact/ message me anytime!


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