Top secrets to create your website and start your own project at the lowest cost

The most important secrets to get the best tools to create your website and start your own project at the lowest cost
We offer you more than 7 years of experience in web design, content writing and website design according to seo search engines

Now you can get the highest profits from your site at the lowest cost

You will learn!!

How to choose the idea of ​​the website and identify the target of the website
Information about the domain and hosting
Tips when choosing a domain name
The best international hosting companies

Choose a suitable Theme and installation
Important plugins must be installed to work on WordPress
We will provide you with a set of tools to improve the speed of your website on the mobile and the desktop
Identify the main words you will target within your website
The best ways of writing an unique content is optimizing with SEO

Submit your website to search engines professionally
Make a Sitemap of your website and submit to Google
How to analyze your competitor websites and take advantage of this information to start your career professionally
The best way to make high quality Back links
Learn the best ways to link posts within your site (Internal link) to strengthen search engine optimization
The way to create an official social media for your website and link it in website via rss


will offer you the list of the best 100 sites to do a back links do-follow

And group of gift that will benefit you in e marketing your site on Social Media

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