Send Your Message To My 28000 Opt-In Email List Subs

Every internet marketer will tell you that the money is in the list, but not everyone has their own list and it can take YEARS to build up your own and buying an old one that has been recycled many times is not a good idea either.

So, what can a new marketer do? I can help you by providing the use of my own mailing list, which is clean, up-to-date and has a low to zero bounce rate. I have spent the last 8 years building this list and now it can be used by YOU without waiting that long!

I will….

– Send your email message/newsletter to my 28000 opt-in newsletter subscribers.
– Provide you with a panel to view open rate, clicks, etc.

NOTE: For best results your message should be promoting a money making opportunity, bizopp, etc, as that is what my subscribers are interested in. I will NOT accept links to gambling, adult, shoes, etc. Send me your link FIRST before ordering to ensure it is a good fit.

I WILL NOT BE SENDING YOU MY LIST!!!!! I am not selling the list itself. I am selling the service of sending your message TO the people on my list. You do not get the actual list!


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