Install, configure, manage and update zabbix server and agents

Monitor must include not only hardware, services is the baseline of our companies, if service fail we lost money and the most important thing is we lost credibility and clients. however, if we have our infrastructure controlled we could make changes at the right time, mitigating errors and operation mistakes.

I can install and configure the zabbix server and the agents for its distributed infrastructure, generate customized maps and graphics and templates.

I can configure alerts, notifications and thresholds with the necessary information for your business.

I have developed projects such as (Banking sector, Pharmaceutical, Retail companies and many other companies) about 30 projects executed.

Generate specific monitoring scripts, database monitoring scripts and homemade software monitoring (Linux/Unix/Windows), Printers (SNMP), network switches and routers (SNMP).

Generate automated backups of the tool and integration with the backup system of your company.

The price will be variable according to the requirement.

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