Help Create a Vald.Edu E-mail Address (4 – hour Delivery)

Please Note:

1. We can guarantee that Edu Emails​ Work On Student Sites Listed At End of This Page (Contact us first if your desired website is not listed)**

2. If Skeptic or You’ve Any Issue With Your Edu Email after delivery Kindly Contact Us Here First

Can you imagine how much you stand to save on all your online shopping deals eg. Amazon Prime (free 180-day Prime + 50% discount after), Bestbuy ($100 coupon code on signup), Apple (Up to $200 discount on student offers) and many other sites (listed at end of page) that provide discounts once you signup with an Edu email?

How about getting access to numerous research sites without paying a dime?

Even if getting the best of deals isn’t your thing, I bet earning some passive bucks online via Student-Earn-Online Sites like Mindsumo.com doesn’t sound bad either.

Does It?

You stand to get this and many more by just owning your own Unique Edu email.

Own a Unique (Not hacked/Shared), Non – Custom & New student.Edu E-mail address that can be used for the LISTED student discounts offers below to be delivered in less than 4 hours after order.

Key Features of this service

� Non-Custom Edu Email

� Delivery in Less than 4 Hours

� Unique and Legit.Edu Email from US colleges guarantee will be accepted on most student discount sites listed below

� 2-year validity period for your Edu Email

� Password reset method as such you can be certain ONLY you will own and use this

� Customer Support; We’re always here if you need further help

� Replacement if account does not work as described here

Take advantage of the numerous student discount offers available to save as much as possible on all youronline shopping deals whether on Student Beans, Amazon, Unidays, Apple student discount, JourneyEd, Bestbuy etc… See proof of successful sign ups

Skeptic or need any further clarifications? Send me a quick message here

Exclusive bonus

With your delivery comes a unique tutorial to earn up to $50 today on Student-Earn-Money Online Sites just on signup

FAQs about this service

1. Are these hacked student emails?

Hell no! These are Newly created and unique (not shared) edu emails.

2. Are these Edu emails valid with Amazon Student Prime?

We can guarantee you that these emails work flawlessly on Amazon as well as a host of other numerous student discount sites which require just edu e-mail to register. As a matter of fact, 80% of our customers use it for this purpose.

However, they only work on Amazon.com and not other country extensions like Amazon.ca

3. Do you recommend that I open a new Amazon Prime account with my.edu address or just add it on to my old account?

Even though adding a new email is allowed, we recommend that you just create a new Amazon account.

4. Are there any known sites these emails do not work on?

This Edu email will not work on Sites listed below. If your student discount site is not listed below kindly send us a message here so we check for you first

5. How long will these emails last?

We have emails lasting as long as 42 months. But on the average, these Edu emails last between 36 and 38 months.

6. Will I be able to access accounts created with this email after its lifespan?

Of course, you sure would. You may however not be able to carry out activities that require you to login into your email first (like Password change etc.)

7. How Do I login to my Email?

Depending on the college domain, you may access your Edu email via gmail or outlook.

8. Can I always access this email? Do I need to change my IP address?

You can access this email just like any other email. No need to change your IP address or use a VPN.

9. What is the domain of these emails? Which college?

All these emails are from various US colleges unless stated so.

These, however, do not include Maricopa, ccc and Vccs as these have been banned on most student discount sites.

10. Want to use this email address for signup to “Google Apps for Education”. Can I use this email account for that?

Yeah, sure.

11. Is this process going to get me in trouble? Any gray area that I need to know about.

We can give you our word that we have taken measures to make legit. So provided you don’t use for bulk orders to resell you are as safe as houses

12. This sounds too good to be true…

Yeah, we all know and have that feeling at times as we are used to not getting things our way. But you also know there are exceptions to this rule right. Just try and be optimistic a bit this time.

13. By any chance, do you do college ID cards?

We no longer provide this.

14. Would I be able to access the services I registered edu email address with after Edu email has expired?

Sure, you would be able to. Only you would not be able to request a Password change and complete any other that requires you to access your email

Our Edu Work On The Sites Below

Amazon Prime 180 days free

Google Apps for Education

Office 365

Discounted Adobe CC





AutoDesk – Get all Auto Desk and AutoCAD software for FREE

LastPass- 6-months free LastPass Premium Password Manager

Bitbucket- Get free unlimited user source code hosting

Fetch Softworks (Mac Only) – Free Fetch software full-futures file transfer client for the Apple

Unlimited Google Drive (Only custom offer)

GoogleDrive – Unlimited Google Drive storage (only for custom Edu Emails)

TheWashington Post – Free unlimited digital access with.edu e-mail address

iDrive- 50% Off Online Backup

Connectify- 75% Off services from $7

Studentbeans – Free registration that verifies student status and allows participating retailers to generate a coupon code for the online discount



Unlimited Google drive (For Custom Offers Only)


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