Get an SSL certificate installed your website!

Hi! This is Lagan khurana.
I’m a trained web security and Seo expert.For a meager 5 dollars I will provide you an SSL certificate with absolutely zero monthly costs.Lets connect!
SSL certificates make the connection to your website secure.They increase your ranking in google search and build a trust among your visitors.SSL certificates are great way to avoid malware, viruses, hackers and bot attacks.

Supported Servers:Re-seller/Shared Hosting**

Dedicated/VPS Linux Servers

Any Cloud Server (AWS, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean)

Supported Web Servers: Apache, Nginx, LAMP, LEMP, IIS

WordPress / E-commerce Online Stores

Any CDN Provider

Supported SSLomain Validation (DV)

Organization Validation (OV)



Extended Validation (EV)

Let’s Encrypt

28.00€ – Buy Now

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