Get 500 Bulk Custom Local City Landing Pages for your website

Skyrocket your rankings and get traffic WITHOUT backlinks !

Perfect for local businesses such as locksmiths, plumbers, car rental companies, real estate agents… and MUCH MORE!

Dissatisfied with your own rankings in the search results? Even advertising agencies and freelancers know the dilemma: the new website is ready and online, … now what ? It’s chic, responsive and customers like it – but unfortunately they can’t find it right anywhere on Google.

In order to improve the rankings of your website pages, it must be optimized for the search engines, which means that at least one agency employee should have the necessary background knowledge and the time to implement these time-consuming and therefore cost-intensive measures.

We create Bulk local, city & service landing pages that rank !

Although we do not have a free solution for you, we do have a cost-effective alternative that will interest you: our local seo landing page creation service allows your website to rank on the first page of search engines for hundreds of keywords or cities.

Local landing pages are a must for any business that is in different addresses, whether it’s within the same city, in the same country, or on multiple continents. With a local landing page you have the best opportunities to attract potential customers from the field of natural, i.e. organic search, to your website in order to draw attention to your products and/or services.

In this context, you shouldn’t forget that 58% of global smartphone users search for local information every day and that’s when you should be findable!

Local City landing pages : The secret weapon of fast growing companies

2 locations? 10 locations? 800 locations? It doesn’t matter how many locations your company has. Local landing pages help you show up in local searches. Let’s take a look at how to create the perfect local landing pages for SEO.

For illustration purposes, let’s have a look at local landing pages of the car rental company www.sixt.com. You have to congratulate the colleagues from Sixt for really doing a good job in the area of ​​local pages and, it’s a perfect example of guideline for every local landing page out there.

Example :

Sixt City Landing Page for Miami Beach, USA :

Sixt Miami Serps


Sixt Landing Page for Paris, France :


Keyword research

It all starts with good keyword research. A localized keyword research.

Based on an understanding of what localized searches entail, it makes perfect sense to think about different variants of keyword combinations that specifically describe your services and / or products. These variations in combination with the location reference are exactly the keyword sets that are worth researching. As soon as a list of possible keywords has been created, it is important to find out which of these keywords is your most important ‘gem keyword’, i.e. the ‘gem’ among all the search terms. A valuable ‘gem’ keyword would be a keyword with high search volume and at the same time low competition. A keyword with which it is not that difficult to be listed relatively high in searches.


What does our service include ?


  • Keyword Research for ONE TOPIC/NICHE only (ex: locksmith, gardening, …)
  • Cities + Service Keywords combination list
  • 500 (minimum) identified keyword for landing pages generation
  • Professional copywriting to create random, 100% unique, natural and perfectly human readable content that is highly relevant to your business and services.
  • Insertion of targeted keywords, services and local cities where your business operates.
  • Insertion of H1, H2, H3 tags showing the targeted keywords or city name.
  • SEO optimization (optional featured image + relevant alt tags are generated for each page)
  • Optional Google Map insertion (requires client’s api key) for each locations.
  • Article / Pages generation with relevant post tags for better indexing and crawling
  • Installation of the landing pages into your WordPress website (+dripfeed for natural indexing)
  • Sitemap generation
  • Setup of Schema.org and relevant snippets.

The best local SEO landing pages creation service.

We work with a wide variety of local businesses – from hyper-local, single-location to nationwide, multi-location.

One pattern we often see is that larger and seemingly more authoritative companies don’t do as well as they should on local searches. There are many reasons for this, and having multiple locations increases the need for a solid local SEO foundation. A common problem we encounter is the lack of a well-optimized and performing landing page for local businesses.

The perfect landing page for locations based on our experience working with local businesses

We need to tick our SEO boxes here, but we also need to maximize the leads generated on these pages.

Lead generation and local SEO.

Where lead generation meets local SEO

There are two key elements to consider:

  • Local SEO ranking factors
  • Landing page conventions
    We create a perfectly optimized site from a local SEO perspective, but also a finely tuned lead generation machine. These pages should enable the user to achieve their goal – much like a traditional lead-focused landing page.

It is obvious that there are some synergies here. In order to create pages that are highly visible, they should also be highly functional and allow the customer to get in touch with your business and generate all the important leads for you.

1. Local SEO Ranking Factors

The following are the ranking factors that are relevant for local SEO landing page optimization :

City, state in the title of the landing page. Very simple – let’s make sure the page title is optimized!
CTR from search results. This underlines the importance of relevance and a well-optimized title and meta description.
Current keyword relevance of domain content. It could be challenging to put the entire list of keywords you are targeting on a single website : Targeted locations, city + services keyword combination: We create all these pages for you in bulk, and they are 100% unique!
Relevant landing pages: especially if you are a multi-location company with separate pages for each location. But you can be sure that your entire domain is relevant to the service keywords. If you only have a handful of locations, we create a clear connection between service and location for your users and the search engine.
Quality / authority of the inbound links to the URL of the landing page. That goes without saying, and if we have a local connection then we should point it to the local landing page. This is only made easier if these landing pages are of a certain quality.
Product / service keyword in the title of the landing page. This is a no-brainer, we will create your landing pages page with a title for the major terms you want to rank for.
Landing Page URL. Some authorities are inherited from the website, but often a direct link to that page is needed to make voting easier – the better the page, the easier it is to create those links.
City, etc. on the landing page H1 / H2 tags. This is just more common sense, we mention what you are doing and where to do it in your landing page header tags (headers or subheading). This will help with relevance.
Name, address and telephone number (NAT). Just some common sense for best converting landing pages.
Loading time of the landing page. Slow pages annoy users. Whether this is really a ranking factor is not critical, so we keep your page fast and slim so that it works well on cell phones and weak data connections.
NAT in hCard / Schema.org on the target page URL. This is really one of those one percent ranking factors, but we will label the NAP so that Google can use it and display it with confidence in search results.
Geographical (city / neighborhood) keyword relevance of the domain content. This is really out of the scope of any particular landing page, but if possible, we consider all of the locations where you are reasonably working across your entire website. Connect the dots between service pages and location pages with a uniform use of your main locations.

2. The perfect landing page

Much of the landing page science comes from the PPC industry (ie Google ads). After all, if you’re paying to drive traffic to a particular page, then of course you want to squeeze every last bit of performance off the page. There is no such thing as an absolutely perfect layout, and the right page will depend very much on what is being promoted; however, we can be guided by proven best practices.

Ad text & context. This is pure PPC perfection. It certainly doesn’t hurt to consider the context here and the language your users will be looking in before they get to your page. We align the language and pump up the conversion rate. Local SEO has some parallels as we are pretty tight on targeting in general, with keywords and location being key.

Headings / headlines of the page. Your pages headings will explain your positioning and appeal to the user. A primary headline can often be supplemented with a secondary headline. This is a clear and concise representation of your value. We let your visitors know exactly why they should do business with you through the myriad of other deals to be found for their business.

Product features. We list the specifics of your products or services: This is to explain to your customer exactly what your service entails and to cover all the variations in how a customer is allowed to search. If you are a 24 hour emergency locksmith with no call-out fee then we make sure to include this on the page.
Product benefits. This is an old-school marketing sauce: we detail the features but praise the benefits of your product or service. We explain how your service will benefit the customer. How you will take their pain away from them and what they will gain from it. This is the emotional component of your sales material that encourages the user to contact you. Ignore this at your own risk.
Map. We’re focusing on site city or country landing pages here, so we want a map that shows where you are, or at least where you work if you don’t have a local address.
Call (s) to action. We create strong and clear call to action. We encourage people to contact your business by any means that are convenient for them so that a form and phone number will ensure the best overall results for local business inquiries.

We would be happy to create the perfect local SEO landing page for Lübeck for you .

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