Full Music Promotion Package

There are only a few sellers out there ready to cater for the needs of independent artistes. Some just want the money and don’t know what independent artistes really want. I am a professional music marketing man with over 2 Million streams across all platforms. I learnt my ways through proper dedication and i am a renowned internet taste maker. I can get any good song of yours running through my network ( twltter , faceb00k , snapch4t etc) and emerge it anywhere between 20, 000 to 100, 000 streams across all streaming platforms and soundcl0ud inclusive. Order me and watch your track boom. What you really want is for your song to get that exposure and just enough income to motivate you to make another one , you can’t buy fame but you can invest in your music here and never regret it!

To order i have to listen to the track and tell you what i can do specifically for that song. If you like it go ahead and order.

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