Freelance marketplaces: A great solution startups

Whether a company needs to hire outsiders to do some specific project, launch a business and need to rely on freelancers for different activities without incurring too high costs, or simply find new clients and companies potentially interested in what they do, freelance contracting platforms can be of great help in these cases.

Given that they have a large number of registered professionals capable of carrying out a variety of tasks related to business and that there are also many companies that stop there to search for talent, in recent years these platforms have taken a great boom becoming very beneficial both for those seeking professionals or technicians who can help them in different tasks as well as those who seek to offer their services and access to increasingly larger markets that offer virtually no limits.

In case you are interested in seeking someone’s collaboration for any job no matter how big or small, or want to get more clients for your small business, the following freelance contracting platforms can be of great help.



It is a platform in English that has about 1.5 million members (freelancers and companies) registered. When companies have to pay projects directly to the platform, one of the advantages offered is to pay the freelancer only until the company gives its approval to the project or task delivered. While on the side of the companies they can perform a search for professionals according to the tasks or projects they need to perform and in which they can also see some of the work they have done previously, professionals can also do searches of offers related to those services that provide or receive notifications of works that are adapted to the services and tasks that they are able to perform. Another advantage is that both companies and professionals are able to manage projects directly through the site and without having to leave it or use emails. Commissions for work for freelancers are between 4.95 to 8.95% of the amount charged per project. It also offers plans for larger projects and decreasing fees.



It is one of the most popular platforms in the world with more than 19 million registered users. It allows companies to find technicians or professionals for practically all types of jobs, no matter how large or small they may be, as well as selecting the payment: whether it is fixed or hourly. Depending on the type of projects, companies can either pay according to a set schedule of goals, or do so only at the end. It has a workspace to facilitate communication and collaboration between companies and freelancers. Additionally, it has representatives that are available 24/7 to solve any kind of issues with both parties. Regardless of whether a fixed or hourly price is charged, the platform charges a commission of 3%. It has an app for iOS and Android devices.



It is perhaps the most important freelance portal worldwide, generating more than a trillion dollars in payments to professionals and technicians. It allows all kinds of work that can be done on a computer, whether they are individual or require the collaboration of several people. Depending on the project, you can charge commissions ranging from 5 to 20%. Additionally, depending on the skills that freelancers have, it offers special payment plans with reduced fees and special benefits. It has its own workspace for companies and freelancers.



Platform in English that works in a similar way as the ones above. Companies can either publish their work and wait for freelancers to submit their proposals and choose the one that best suits their needs, or search for professionals or technicians doing searches segmented by different criteria (such as searching for people who charge by the hour or by fixed fee), as well as track the work flow. Commissions can range from 5 to 15%.


99 designs

A site available in Spanish that focuses especially on design and visual communication. Unlike other platforms that we have mentioned, it works in a somewhat different way but at the same time it is interesting. It includes 6 steps: the first consists in writing a brief as detailed as possible about the business and then choose one of four design packages (bronze, silver, platinum and gold) depending on the budget and the willingness to pay for the job. With this information a contest is created for the development of the design which is launched to more than 1’000.000 designers present on the platform which will send their designs. Subsequently, through an evaluation system, The client can let the designers know some recommendations and partially qualify the work to know how close they are to the desired design. After 7 days the winner design choice is made.

For those who request a design through the site depending on the type of work, the prices for each package may be different, in the case of freelancers the platform does not charge commission.



This site, has more than 3 million services offered in more than 100 categories. Starting from a basic offer that generally shows what freelancers are willing to offer for US $ 5 (called a Gig), it is a portal that can be very attractive mainly for companies and professionals who do not have a lot of budget for the achievement of certain tasks. In the case of companies or professionals looking for services, you can find these easily using a search engine or by browsing through the different categories and filters that may apply. For each Gig sold and delivered successfully, the platform charges US $ 1 commission, which means that the net income of someone who sells within the site is US $ 4. It has an application for iOS and Android devices.

9. LanceTalent

Site 100% in Spanish that, like other platforms, offers both companies and freelancers the possibility to collaborate and communicate in the realization of projects through a shared work space. So that companies can make a detailed description of the work they need to perform, usually the platform requests to fill out a brief brief that gives freelancers all the information necessary to make a proposal and in which they must also define their budget and the deadline established for the realization of the project. Once this information is completed, the LanceTalent team is responsible for reviewing it and seeing that everything is correct and then sending it to the professionals who are able to do the work. Then these in turn, In a matter of hours they will start to send their proposals to the companies that have requested them. For freelancers the platform charges a commission of 15% on the value of the awarded project.

10. Flexjobs
Since one of the objectives of this platform that is in English is that freelancers can find quality jobs (which in turn represents its greatest attraction for this type of people), it does not charge any commission for work but charges fees for professionals who wish to use it so that they can access quality offers previously reviewed and selected by the Flexjobs team. In this way freelancers who use this portal can be sure that they will receive quality offers and at the same time they will have tools that will allow them to make their profiles more attractive for companies as access to tests to demonstrate and validate their knowledge. Professionals wishing to register can pay the subscription monthly for US $ 14.95,

11. crowdSPRING

Similar to 99 designs, this site is special to carry out creative or design-related tasks. Once the companies make a description of the work they need to carry out and the budget they have, the platform notifies freelancers that have the skills to do the job requested and these in turn respond with different design proposals. According to its website, on average you can receive about 100 proposals that companies can also qualify and giving feedback so that professionals can refine their proposals and adapt them to the tastes of customers until they finally choose a winner. For freelancers, its main advantage is that it does not charge any commission.

12. Envato

It is a platform that focuses mainly on design and online marketing issues. One of its main characteristics is that it worries about selecting very well the professionals that wish to register in it. For that reason, each freelancer that wishes to be part of this platform must fill out a form to apply in which they must attach their portfolio or the address of their page. Thus, this information is evaluated by members of the Envato team in order to verify the suitability of the candidates. It allows managing projects through a workspace that freelancers and companies share. Freelancers pay a commission of 30% on jobs.

13. Kodastic

Like Envato, this platform that is completely in Spanish, selects each of the freelancers who wish to register in it, requesting them to complete a form that includes the address of their portfolio or web page, as well as their LinkedIn profile. In this way, it is in a position to offer qualified talent to companies in a wide variety of matters in which they need support. Like other platforms, it allows workers and freelancers to better coordinate projects through a shared work space.

13 + 1. Soyfreelancer

It is a freelance work platform aimed at Spanish-speaking users. The registration and use of the platform is free, but offers a payment option to PRO account for users who need it, which has additional benefits.

Once registered, the user can create their own online portfolio and upload their curriculum vitae. The main areas of work published are for programmers, designers, experts in digital marketing and community managers, but freelancers from any professional area can register. The payment methodology is through the escrow system or escrow deposit.

For clients who want to hire a freelancer, registration is also free. The publication of a project has three modalities: Free, Pro and Elite. The latter offers the advantage of being able to interview the freelancer through Hangouts, either before hiring or when working within the project.

Freelance platforms, a good alternative to start and grow a business
Apart from facilitating and expediting any company the achievement of professionals or technicians who work independently according to certain needs and budgets, freelance contracting platforms are a good option for anyone who wants to undertake and become independent but also to grow a business. Not only because they allow access to other markets that could hardly be accessed otherwise, but also because the fact that a small company or independent person can find other freelancers that can help you with your business adapting to your needs and budgets to take certain tasks, can be key especially when a venture is just starting up.

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