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A logo is more than a concept or a design. It is the face of your brand, company and business. The FIRST thing the end-user will see is your logo. Make sure it leaves an impact by having me be your designer.

So, why me?

  • I understand the intricacies involved in logo design
  • I understand the aesthetic appeal required
  • I want to help your business becoming successful
  • Always available for support and advice if needed

Things to consider when shopping for a logo design

  • Does the design explain the business?
  • Can it standout on its own?
  • Does the logo work both with and without colors?
  • Does it look good regardless of size?

Purchasing my gig, I can assure you all those questions I listed and more will be answered and taken care of for you. Each logo you purchase will be tailored to the exact specifications of your liking and will help bring your business to life. Studying in the fields of psychology and cognitive sciences, I have learned the essentials and intricacies involved in human-computer interaction. With this knowledge applied to your logo, it will surely leave a positive impact on your clients, customers or partners.

So, lets get designing!

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