create 2 desired subreddits you

Reddit is difficult to use for new users, it is restrictive, an easy way to post your desired content and reach thousands of people is creating your own subreddit!


It is very difficult to place your link on a reddit if you are new, but on your own subreddit, you can!!!

You might not be eligible to create a subreddit, I will use my high Karma (2K+ at Least) old reddit account to make one for you.

  • I will create 2 subreddits with desired name(available names)
  • Can be adult
  • If you give me some rules I will add them, you can edit them later
  • I will make you the moderator so you control the subreddits

What to expect from this Gig

  • If you randomly post content on any subreddit chances are you got shadowbanned and didn’t even know about it, your own subreddit gives you freedom to post almost anything at all as long as you don’t break reddit rules
  • Share your website/blog links and get traffic, some traffic is always expected but no guarantee
  • Best place to go viral, unlike other social media you don’t need friends to go viral.
  • Make a very high quality backlink PR8 from reddit.

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