Be your AMAZING live chat operator and Customer support

Do you need a SUPER active LiveChat operator, Email support staff or Tickets support for your business or firm? You are definitely on the right track. With my proven record & customer support services for different setups and the experience that comes along this, I’ve garnered massive expertise in this field to get your clients the very best of customer support services.

I will look to collate customer feedbacks and recommendations and send them back to your team for proper checks. This is done systematically and in a way that leaves the client asking for more. I can work with zero supervision from an administrative point of view because I am a self-motivating individual and enthusiastic customer support personnel. My work hours can change to suit your business needs as the case may be, inclusive of working both uninformed and pre-informed shifts if the need arises.


  • Fantastic and prompt individual ready to take up new tasks
  • Proper use of English in both pacy and stream-like conversations
  • Competent social person
  • A trustworthy person that will always try his best to get you amazing results.

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