Alternative Marketing Strategy

Alternative Marketing Strategy

Yes, our landing page are modern html5 designs.We offer you a complete design on professional template with embedded social elements for $ 55! We take full care of the site! We will maintenance it free one year.(Next year is symbolic $ )

Question:- I am wondering what is so special about your landing page that will bring a ranking to my store?

Landing page have prior preparation for SEO. All tools for sharing:Share Buttons, Follow Buttons, Related Post, List Building.
The landing page will be optimized for keyword search on your niche. So it’s processed before your images are uploaded and it will be finished by adding your text to the product. The template will contain comments on people who have experienced similar or the same products. So first we are looking for a Google ranking.

Question:- What additional elements you have to improve my marketing?

– Design a viral Facebook post with nice picture. Click on image, share post and unlocked product, big discount or hidden page.

It can be embed in landing page.The biggest effect achieved when shared in groups.See what it looks like on a landing page.

– Design Facebook Notes and sharing in groups and embed in landing page or web portal.


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