A Stunning Responsive Website in Bootstrap at

Basic website designed in Bootstrap according to 10 basic designs, with custom options at $5 per page.
Website has 5 pages. Home, about, contact, product gallery, product view(could be for articles, art, business). Easy to use manager to add, edit, delete as many products as you need.
Can include free hosting for 6months and free South African domain name.co.za, else you must have your own hosting with PHP enabled, or we’ll set you up on Hostgator.
Modules can be added to your site at any time, as you grow.
Custom scripting in php, HTML, JavaScript, Jquery and MySQL at $15-25 depending on difficulty.
large portfolio of basic scripts to choose from:-
Login, client landing page, custom checkout, email newsletter subscription, payment gateway integration, custom display of data from database eg:- Ecommerce shop interface, student scores, articles, news items and so forth.
Hosting includes email accounts in your name , MySQL database (free for first 6mths) $2-4 per month thereafter

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