A Marketing Plan, Strategy Your ICOs

Launching an ICO successfully goes beyond creation of a white paper. It requires a blast on social media/Digital media and offline practices. In this service i cover 4 pillars of marketing:

  • Research and strategy- Giving value differentiation
  • Strength of each media channel- Here strength of each is my concern depending on target audiences and not the number of media channels recommended
  • Content creation- I understand successful ICO needs more than white paper and info-graphics in terms of creative and communicative content
  • Outreach- Create a plan that will deliver strategic pitches to the press, Investors, community, and analysts.
  • Bounty Campaigns
  • Marketing Analysis and Segmentation

Also:Successful ICO marketing initially depended on use of leading social media to create buzz and ICO awareness. However, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat & Mailchimp, WeChat, and QQ have all banned ICO advertising on their platforms.Lets talk about your project today: Message me prior to placing an order
Hire me to devise your tailor made ICO marketing strategy and advisory tied to your ICO needs and ambition. My Strategy:

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