What is Hero Type Links?
Super high-quality sites made with thousands upon thousands of posts. Where we add a link just for you.Think High Metric Sites where we place a link into an existing piece of content for you, or you can opt to supply content to me or even have me write it. All up to you.The standard pricing is for a link in existing content NO HIDDEN FEESTake a look at the sample data below and see for yourself some of the metrics of the sites that are available:There are many more sites.
Packages available:10 links: $3020 links: $6030 links: $9040 links: $12050 links: $15060 links: $180Want to make an order? JUST BUY(if you need additional content writing, which is not necessary per se this is $3 per 300 word article)Turnaround time? 1 dayThat said the links will be backdated over a larger period of time so they seem completely naturalHit me up on pm

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